About the Federation

Georgian Fencing Federation was established - 27.06.1991

Member of FIE (World Fencing Federation) and EFU (European Fencing Confederation) since 7.06.1992

President: 1991-2016 Archil Gogelia,2016-2018 Zaza Mchedlidze, 2018 - Merab Bazadze.


Georgian Fencing Federation has a new logo. The logo has the shape of a shield, it is logical that above the shield are depicted all three weapons of modern fencing: saber, foil and eppe . The shield in Georgian and French (official FIE International Fencing Federation) have the inscription Georgian Fencing Federation, which is separated by the Georgian national flag. Inside the shield is indicated the year of establishment of the Georgian Fencing Federation. And most importantly, the shield depicts a graphic image of a legendary photo taken in 1959 and depicting the original movement of the world champion, Georgian swordsman Guram Kostava.

Shalva and Giorgi Kokochashvili tell the story of this photo in more detail in their book "Innovations and Inventions in Fencing". Invariably offers an excerpt from the book.

1959, August, World Cup, eppe , Budapest (Hungary). Left - Piero Tassinar (Italy), Right - Guram Kostava (Georgia, two-time world champion in team competition - 1961, 1967)

The above photo (Kostava - Tasinar) has a very interesting history. The authors of this book, and at the same time the friends of Guram Kostava, posted this photo on Facebook on February 16-17, 2014. Soon in this photo, from the children of Guram Kostava and Piero Tassinar - Nino Kostava and Dago Tassinar, we got their identical comments: "My father".

We introduced this comment to Dago Tasinar, and he sent us a photo of his father. Guram Kostava was very happy to see a photo of his old friend and agreed to take his own photo (March 4, 2015) (Fig. 38).

Later, Stephen Anthony Fisher posted a photo of Corey Stubble on the Internet in memory of him. Corey Stable was a fencers foil. Lived in Kentucky (USA). On July 9, 2002, Corey Stable was tragically killed by a drunk driver. Every year, the Louisville
Fencing Center (USA) holds a competition in honor of his memory. The unusual competition medal
features a stunning shot of the fight between Kostava and Tasinar. The medal was specially made by the company "Crown Trophy" (Kentucky). The photo is from Stephen Fischer, from his collection of books, namely Antonio Spallino's book The Language of Weapons (1997), where the above photo was published.
This information turned out to be interesting for the authors and we decided to show a photo of the medal to Guram Kostava. We also added a photo of Guram Kostava and Medal to this photo and posted it on Facebook on May 5, 2015. The photo that day deserved a lot of praise, the comments of Stephen Fisher and Dago Tassinar were interesting.